Getting communication and connection back on track

The desire to connect is hardwired into us as humans, but often we get caught in a feeling of disconnect from the person we love.


It could be an event that resulted in falling out of love or a slow drifting apart. You may feel like you cannot do anything right or he/she just doesn't understand.

Either way, it is an extremely tough place to be in a relationship. It is VERY important to choose a therapist that specializes in couples counseling and has advanced training.


Most couples can maximize their return on investment in couples counseling by taking a two day Hold Me Tight® workshop first. It is equivalent to the first 8 couples counseling sessions and participants say it develops a common language and experience dealing with couples issues. For some couples, additional counseling was no longer needed. 


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( workshop is not advised for relationships experiencing ongoing DV, addiction or infidelity issues) 

Currently, I am not accepting new private clients. 

The rate is $ 150 for 55 min. session

I do not accept insurance for couples counseling.