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Self-in-Relationship Coaching

Do your conflicts seem to spin out of control quickly and with no resolution?

Blame, shame, and feeling misunderstood so often lead to conflicts veering off track. They leave us feeling alone, confused, and like we have nowhere to go.

Loving Couple

The Self-in-Relationship Coaching Bootcamp is about getting unstuck within yourself and feeling more choice about how you show up and respond in moments of disconnect.

This signature 5-hour individual program is designed to give you the crash course you need to deepen your self-understanding, heighten your awareness, and develop your skills when communication gets off track with the person you care about.


In this program, you will: 

  • Learn to identify what’s happening within yourself while staying present with your partner

  • Understand the triggers that lead you into a place of reactivity, and the meaning-making you engage in while in the midst of challenging interactions.

  • Develop awareness of how to listen so your partner feels seen and heard

  • Helps slow down the process so you can choose how you want to engage and/or disrupt a pattern of disconnection in the moment.

  • Understand you have options in the moments of confusion or uncertainty


Investment $ 1250

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