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Sensational Couples

Are you ready to reconnect and deepen your love relationship?

On a Date

Sensational Couples is an effective, science-based, short-term program that creates
long-lasting impact.

 My signature coaching program helps both of you feel seen, heard, and connected.

  • Rebuild trust

  • Deepen emotional and physical intimacy

  • Create a sanctuary for growth and passion 


Drawing on systems theory, emotionally focused therapy, and the Gottman model, I help couples get unstuck from the painful patterns and dynamics that have held them captive for too long. 

Rediscover love in the life you share.
When you are ready to rebuild and rekindle what feels lost,
this program helps both of you get unstuck and thrive in
a love story - your love Story - that lasts. 

Take a 3-Month Journey to Meaningful Connection - Sensational Couples

Rediscover love in the life you share. When you are ready to rebuild and rekindle what feels lost, this program helps you get unstuck and thrive so your love lasts. 

This powerful private coaching program offers a safe opportunity to develop and master effective, repeatable skills and tools that you will implement in your everyday life and interactions. We take the time to truly deepen your understanding and shift the paradigm in your relationship. This program is all about putting learning into practice for tangible results. 


Over the course of 3 months, you will:


  • Identify the cycles of disconnection

  • Explore the meaning-making that creates discord and anxiety

  • Understand each partners’ emotional responses within the interaction

  • Develop deeper understanding, appreciation, and empathy

  • Learn to align together against a problem rather than against each other

  • Identify skills and practices for engaging with authentic connection

  • Learn to give and receive true, meaningful apologies

  • Bond through sex and touch at any age

  • Build a positive narrative around your unique love story

How this 3-month program works:

  • We will meet for 7 x 90-min. private couples sessions every other week (10.5 hours of hands-on coaching!)

  • You will each receive 1 (60-minute) individual optimization session.

  • You will have guided homework for self-discovery, relationship discovery, and integrating what you’ve learned.

  • Support is available between sessions if needed. 

  • BONUS! Receive two personal copies of my signature Sensational Couples workbook to facilitate and deepen your process.

                                                             Investment: $3000

*payment plan is available

Optional: If you are interested in exploring yourself on a deeper level, you are welcome to explore individual Alignment Coaching or my powerful 5-hour communication program, Self-in-Relationship

Security. Forgiveness. Joy.

Gain the tools you need to get out of the disconnection dance to become sensational together.

What’s the difference between couples counseling and couples coaching?

As a professional coach with over 20 years of experience as a licensed mental health counselor, I have spent thousands of hours working with couples in varying degrees of disconnect. 

Too often traditional couples therapy is focused on negotiating the issue of the week. I focus on the process between the two of you, then guide you to new repeatable ways of relating and develop a deeper understanding of your wants and needs. 


And here’s what I know:

My action-based coaching approach facilitates more movement and more impact in a shorter time period than traditional couples counseling.  This coaching program draws on the best of my training in emotionally focused therapy—and then keeps going. Together, we’ll help you reconnect - with yourself and each other. 


Let’s rebuild your love relationship.

(Couples coaching/counseling is not an effective approach when there is ongoing domestic violence, addiction, or infidelity issues.)

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