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Leadership Coaching

It’s time. You’re an established leader with a solid track record of growth and accomplishment — and you’re ready for what’s next.

Clapping Audience

Sustainable progress
requires a strong foundation.

Level-up leadership coaching delivers clarity, accountability, and support to help you develop the foundation you need to step into a future where you can command unlimited potential and success.


 Strong and productive leaders are only as effective in their work with teams as they are in their work on themselves. 

  • How will you balance your personal and professional identities and roles when you advance in your career?

  • What relationships and people do you want or need to consider to ensure your personal and professional success when leveling up?

  • How effective are you at managing people and driving toward outcome?

  • How can you develop more alignment between your values and your work as you advance in your career?

  • What skills do you need to grow to retain and develop a high-producing and effective team?

  • What do success and satisfaction look like to you and how can you be sure you are making decisions that contribute to it in your everyday life?


You need to get clear on what’s required of you at the next level — and make actionable decisions about what you want your future to look like.

The Level–Up Leadership  Coaching Program

This coaching program helps harness your energy into a powerful, directed, and sustainable action plan that accelerates you through the sticky places and catapults you into the successful and joyful life you always imagined. 

Level-Up Leadership Coaching Program


Standing in a Leadership role can be lonely.  The responsibilities are large and your peer group is small.  It's often on you to make the decisions that chart the future, and it's your role to craft a mission and vision you can stand behind. 


This program is designed to help you:


  • Learn a robust set of tools and skills to facilitate and cultivate empowered, productive, and creative teams in ever-changing environments ​

  • Develop a co-active and dynamic leadership style based on open communication and increased capacity and resilience in intrapersonal and interpersonal dynamics

  • Develop leadership self-awareness and a values-based, grounded sense of connectedness so you can enjoy a fulfilling career and experience more joy

  • Hone the confidence and clarity to spearhead change initiatives

  • Navigate the communication challenges and evolving work cultures that emerge from hybrid working environments

  • Build capacity for jumping into and staying in discomfort while navigating and managing change 

  • Learn to “manage up” and relate effectively and productively with executives, sponsors, and shareholders 

  • Take a systems approach to navigate and sustain organizational change 

  • Understand personal and organizational inertia so that you can get unstuck and take action

  • Learn to dig beneath the surface-level chaos of organizational dynamics to unearth the substantive and rich potential for engagement, interpersonal shift, and growth 


Have vision. Be inspiring. Cultivate Trust. 

My innovative leadership coaching model is designed to meet you where you are and get you where you want to be.​


With Level-Up Leadership Coaching, you enter a powerful laboratory where you can experiment and explore who you want to be and how you want to show up in your professional life — tapping into an immediate feedback loop that bridges theory and action for high impact.

This customized and flexible package includes:

  • An initial12 hours of active one-on-one coaching spread over 3–6 months 

  • Extended customized agenda built around your specific needs and schedule

  • Options for remote and onsite coaching where I meet you where you are

  • Co-active conversation check-ins (phone or email) to ensure you are prioritizing your vision

  • Strategic resources to support your journey and optimize learning



Investment: Starting at $3,600 for the initial 12-hour package 

Change is constant, progress is not — you've got this!

Schedule a Complimentary 

20-minute conversation to explore

how we can work together to achieve your goals!

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