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Alignment Coaching

Align your desires, beliefs, and behaviors so you can take purposeful action, get unstuck, and realize your full potential. 

River Rapids

Managing the white-water experience of life can be overwhelming on your own.

Alignment coaching is about seeing yourself and your path more clearly. It's about tapping into meaningful change, building momentum, and leading the life you have always wanted.

What you get:

  • A clear path forward to help you navigate complexity and realize your full potential ​

  • Practical mentorship to guide you through the discomfort of leveling up your life

  • Space to explore, experiment, and grow as you develop a vision for your life, career, and relationships

  • Compassionate support as you increase your ability to effectively manage uncertainty and have difficult conversations

The Align-Your-Life Coaching Package

This coaching package helps harness your energy into a powerful, directed, and sustainable action plan that accelerates you through the sticky places and catapults you into the joyful life you always imagined. 

Through our collaborative coaching experience, you will identify and capitalize on your strengths and even learn to leverage your growth edges.

  • Clearly define what you want to accomplish for meaningful change in your life

  • Discover how your personality shows up to challenge and support authentic action

  • Harness your natural motivation strategies to implement change

  • Challenge your beliefs, pivot with confidence, and clearly evaluate next steps when you are stuck

  • Create strategies for overcoming resistance and reinforce resilience

  • Generate the confidence to be a change agent in your life by learning repeatable skills and insights so you can engage new goals or challenges

This package includes:

  • 10.5 hours of active one-on-one coaching (7 - 90 minute sessions) spread over 4 months 

  • Customized homework between sessions

  • Accountability check-ins to ensure you are prioritizing your vision

  •  Strategic resources to support your journey and optimize learning

Change is Constant, progress is not! 

We've got this!

Investment $2500

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