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 WOLF  Forty-two

This exclusive group is reserved for women committed to unraveling the intricate dynamics of power and mastering the art of influence. Through deep exploration, members gain insights into common traps, equipping them to authentically and relentlessly advocate for themselves in every facet of their lives.

What is your relationship to power?

Our Workshop
in person 

Join our "pack" for a two-day intensive where we'll engage, explore, and support each other in real time, redefining our relationship with power and boldly embracing our authentic selves. Based on Kasia Urbaniak's UNBOUND—A Woman's Guide to Power.

Following the workshop, continue on a deeper 10-month journey to solidify these concepts, building memory muscle and ongoing learning and support. We'll convene monthly for a 2-hour deep dive into the transformative teachings of UNBOUND—A Woman's Guide to Power.

Golden Morning Gray Wolf (Canis Lupus) trots through snow ice covered river. The sun rises

TTopic discussion

Learn to :

  • Welcome your desires as the pathway to your destiny.

  • Understanding the "smoosh"- mixed messages that throw you off.

  • Skillfully navigate hearing "no" and any resistance, even your own.

  • ​Flip power dynamics when someone crosses your boundaries and puts you on the spot.

  • ​Ask for--and get--what you need in your life, work, and in the bedroom.

  • ​Understand why we freeze in critical moments.

  • Establish enhanced roles for those in your life through specific, targeted asks.

  • Embrace fearless vulnerability

  • Discounted private sessions with the coach during or after the group. 

  • (a portion of the proceeds will be donated to The 06 Legacy Foundation)

Your commitment 

Engage the material before, during, and in between sessions. 

Support the members of your pack and community.

Embrace the "edges"of your growth.

Ask for support when you need it.

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