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Seattle, WA. and Beyond

We are always in relationship — with ourself, with others, and with our world. Make your relationships meaningful, high impact, and satisfying.
Reconnect with your instinctual awareness while tapping into our shared humanity and innate interdependence.


your life using an exquisitely logical approach 


Grow and stretch your capacity for authentic living so that you can move forward with confidence, create a compelling life, and look forward to a joyful future.


Whether it’s in your life, your relationship, or your career, our work together will help you find alignment with your purpose, challenge you to access the full breadth of your potential, and build your capacity for joy and connection.

Let’s set you free

  • Free from paralysis and inaction

  • Free from the story of self that keeps you trapped

  • Free from seeking approval from others

  • Free from operating out of fear

Let’s unleash you

  • To experience more joy, deep love, and passion

  • To enjoy the total bandwidth of what your life has to offer

  • To reclaim your time and energy

  • To feel your value and confidence


Dark Background

James B.
Chicago Fire Paramedic
(Chicago, IL)

Sheri, gently but confidently, guided me to more healthy options and help me to set clear and healthy boundaries in my life. With her help, I focused on finding a career path that enriched and fulfilled my need to serve others. 


I credit Sheri with setting me on the path I'm currently on: free of addiction, a member of the Chicago Fire Department, and an open and affectionate partner and father. 

Dark Background

Melissa M.
Director of Real Estate Operations
tle, WA)

Thank you  Sheri for providing me guidance and helping with more clarity on my strengths and weaknesses. You have been such an invaluable resource for me in guiding me throughout my whole journey of becoming the best me I can be!


I am eternally grateful to you and anyone who is fortunate to work with you will feel the same.  I think everyone needs a Sheri in their life to become their best self!

Dark Background

Shelby B.
Senior Director of Communications
(Seattle, WA)


You gave me permission to ask questions about my assumptions, truly be who I am, and helped me figure out how to operate more smoothly in the world.


Not a day goes by when I don't recruit Sheri wisdom or remember your kindness and compassion. You  ARE an outstanding coach.

Dark Background

Matt S.
Chief Technology Officer
(Austin, Tx)

Sheri has a unique ability to connect with her clients, and her approach is like talking to an old soul and friend. She is never judgmental, and I have always felt comfortable sharing my deepest thoughts with her. Sheri has been able to hold me accountable in a way that no other therapist or coach has been able to. She has challenged me and pushed me out of my comfort zone, but always in a way that felt supportive and constructive. I'm a better leader, partner and man.

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