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in the face of burnout

As the world has reopened after a prolonged period of vulnerability, fear, and isolation, we’re faced with a new mode of being.


We’re in a moment of profound opportunity — to heal, restore relationships, grieve losses, reprioritize what matters most, and celebrate our strength and resilience.

Stressed Woman
Stressed Man

The Restoration Coaching Series
is a powerful antidote to the burnout we’ve all been experiencing at higher rates and higher intensities than ever before.

The need to heal and manage the unknown feels more urgent than ever. As we come back into being with one another, it is an opportunity to hear new voices, gain insight, and take stock of what we truly want out of our lives.


In this four-session package, you will receive the guidance and support you need to start anew with practical skills and empowering insight to meet this moment as your best self.


  • Reconnect with your joy, fun, and inspiration

  • Restore relationships and refresh your vision for your life

  • Reorganize priorities in life, work, and relationships 

  • Heal from a crisis mindset

  • Develop the skills and mindset to reprioritize your needs for a healthy balance

  • Take the time to reflect on and recognize what’s not working

  • Learn to ask for what you need from the right people so you can get the support and help you desire

 This package includes:

  • Five 1-hour active one-on-one coaching sessions 

  • Customized wellness homework between sessions

  • Accountability check-ins to support you as you prioritize your restoration

  • Strategic resources to support your journey and optimize healing

Investment  $1250

Schedule a free 20-minute exploratory conversation about

how we can work together to achieve your goals

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